Thursday, June 12, 2008


As of July 1, Sarah, the kids and I will officially be residents of Virginia once again. The South'll rise again! (As my old dentist used to say...) It is with a dry eye, an un-choked-up throat and much glee that I make this announcement. The Pittsburgh Experiment turned out to be a much less successful one than its cinematic cousin from across the state...ok, maybe it was more successful than that, but not to us...

Here, now, is an unabridged list of the things I will miss about Pittsburgh:

1. Twenty taps and an internet jukebox in every crappy bar.
2. Most of, but not all of, the people at my restaurant, Mio Kitchen and Wine Bar.
3. Double bulls counting on the electronic dart machines, even when they fall out.

Here, now, is an unabridged list of the things I will not miss about Pittsburgh:

1. Everything else.

As of the first week of July, I will become the general manager of yet-to-be-opened CommonWealth (website not fully up yet.) It's a collaboration between Chef Jamie Leeds and my friend, Sandy Lewis, the owners of the very popular Hank's Oyster Bar. We're set to open in mid-August at 14th and Irving NW, in the quickly hip-ifying Columbia Heights neighborhood in DC. I am wicked excited about this place...should be very, very cool. (And to certain of my readers who concern themselves with such things, no, you will not need a tie, and yes, you can probably wear a hat.)

Sarah has landed another one of her wonky government contracting gigs, so she'll be geeking out near Union Station, working with the Department of Justice on some such whatsit-ology. We found a nice three bedroom, two-and-a-half bath townhouse style condo off of N. Van Dorn St in Alexandria, about a mile or so from our old place in Virginia. Finally, after nine long, long months, things are falling back into place.

"I hardly believe, finally the shades...are raised...hey..."