Thursday, April 10, 2008

All is Not Forgiven

If I'm Bill Buckner, I pretty much tell all of New England to go fuck itself. That's just me. And if I read one more article or listen to one more talking head mention "forgiveness" and "Buckner" in the same sentence I'm going to set myself on fire. Again, that's just me. But seriously, if you were Billy B, why in the hell would you bother with any of this?

He was mercilessly booed on Opening Day in '87. He received a mixed, but mostly positive, ovation when he came back in '90. By '97 as the hitting coach of Pale Sox, he was an afterthought in Fenway. So why bring him back? Why come back? He didn't owe anybody anything. Did he just need to hear, finally, the ovation that slid under his glove, lo those many Octobers ago? Did 40,000 people just need to clap to make themselves feel better? I don't know. All I know is that the Red Sox front office is shameless in their constant pandering to the lowest common denominator fan. You just know, know it better than you've ever known anything, that when Buckner was invited, the thought process went just like this:

"Let's invite this guy who was a pretty terrific player for a team that almost won the Series, who the media and a small number of completely clueless fans turned into a pariah, let's bring that guy back for "closure" so that all the old wounds, the ones that never really existed except inside the orange, curly-hair covered craniums of the lowest of Boston sports scribes, can be put to rest in a fake outpouring of fake forgiveness for a man who had to move his family cross-country to the wilds of Montana so that his kids could escape the abuse heaped upon them because their father made a physical error in a tied game that had already been squandered by one in-over-his-head rookie, one over the hill career loser, one moronic manager, one overrated catcher, one lead footed, surly left fielder and one blister-prone blowhard. I'll bet that will get us the lead on Sportscenter, huh, Werner?"

Eric Wilbur said it right, in his column yesterday: Buckner wasn't the goat, he was the scapegoat.

Does anyone honestly believe that without the Octobers of '04 and '07 that Mr. Buckner would have ever, in a million-kajillion years, been invited to throw out a first pitch? Never. Yet so many blind sheep believe that on October 27, 2004, he was granted absolution from a sin that wasn't his because a team he said he didn't care about beat another team he didn't care about 18 years after a team he did care about collectively lost at the end of a game he shouldn't still have been in. Do I have that right?

After Tuesday, the media started backtracking from their mission to ruin Steve Bartman's life by suggesting that the Cubs should invite him to Wrigley for a big "cleansing" first pitch. Which, as any one who isn't a complete retard should know, won't happen until the Cubs finally win the Series. And when that happens, I sincerely hope that Steve Bartman tells the Cubs and all of Chicago, really, to go fuck themselves. Because a man, who tried to do what any other fan in the entire world would do, happened to get in the way of a ball that an overrated, cowardly left fielder finally said was uncatchable, he has been scapegoated for the mistakes of the Cubs' middle infield's inability to turn two, Mark Prior's inability to calm down and throw strikes, Dusty Baker's inability to manage a pitching staff, and Kerry Wood's inability to win game 7.

It's just easier to forget all that though, easier to sweep it under the rug to become Chicago's Gedmans, Schiraldis, Stanleys and McNamaras. Someday, when the Cubs are handing out rings and everyone in the stands is saying they never blamed poor Steve and all is forgiven, somebody will climb the steps of the dugout and stroll to the mound to throw out the first pitch. I just hope to hell that for the sake of Steve Bartman's dignity, it isn't him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand what you are saying, the way Buckner was treated and talked about all those years, I thought it was pretty shitty, on the part of Sox fans.

At the same time though I thought it was kinda cool that Buckner came to Fenway and people applauded him. Very warm and fuzzy. As far as being 'forgiven', probably should have happened a long time ago.

But you are right, I think it's safe to say he would still be being vilified if not for 04 and 07.

This is a long ass comment

2:58 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

There was that Surly Blowhard(Blister My Arse, He Knew he was starting to lose control of the Game #6)Roger Clemens. Then, that Dude, Schiraldi, whose history in Shea Stadium was laden with being booed out of Shea, as he historically SUCKED there, blowing up like a storm with 2 Outs. There was the Catcher, Rich Gedman, who from Replay Analysis, had the glove on a Stanley Pitch, which was the Passed Ball Never Called as one.
Then Johnny Mac leaves an Injury-Ridden Buckner in at 1st Base & the Rest Is History.

Yet, Buckner is Scapegoated for Game 6 in 1986.

& they lost to a Very-Talented Team, which had too many South American Connections, like to The Medellin Cartel, in their Idea of "Coke-It's The Real Thing;

& F--- The CHB-F--- him.

& to those Mets "Fans", who wear "Buckner E3" Jerseys, do I suspect that you're Yankee Fans, who don't care to wear a Yankees Jersey with #13 on that Jersey, so you can be serenaded with "Gay-Rod".

Buckner was somebody's idea of a Quickie Scapegoat.

8:57 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

We (me, Jere and his mom and dad) were there and though I was psyched to see him finally get his due from th crowd, I speculated that he was giving a "Fuck YOU, Fuck YOU" to the crowd through clenched teeth/smile as he made his way to the mound. During the postgame, we saw that he was actually crying. At least it felt good to him.

2:02 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

In looking at replays, Gedman actually had a Passed Ball. I know of Stanley's rep not always being good:

But, since it did come up that Schiraldi did discuss what he would throw to Kevin Mitchell, @ Jackson, MS,a Mets Farm Team in 1982, then be dumb enough to do it. In '85, with The NY Mets, Schiraldi had an 8.44 ERA & was a Wildman, then traded to The Mets for Bob Ojeda, which I believe, made a difference in that club, as Gooden was into Cocaine by that point;

Johnny Mac was operating SOLELY on Emotion, by leaving Buckner in the game;

ONLY The Dumb-arses, known as "Casual Fan Ass-h---s", would Blame Buckner. I saw him with both the LA Dodgers and Chicago Cubs and he was one of those rare part of 4 Decade Players, from 1969 until 1990, so he had a lot of staying power;

Let's not forget THIS GUY in Game 6, who suddenly had a Blister, & later threw Mac Under a Speeding T Commuter Train, who later extended his career through "Hard Work, Lidocaine and Vitamin B12" Therapy, with the name of William R. Clemens, called "Rogggahhh", a man, who practically caused Suzyn Waldman to have an "Orgasm" upon his return to Baseball;

Buckner is GUILTY of NOTHING-NO REAL FAN has charged him with ANY wrongdoing. This Legend came from The Media in Broadcasting and Print. Geddy deserved more razzing than he got and Schiraldi was a KNOWN Choker;

It's Interesting though, how the NY Mets, with all that Talent, broke up their greatest team and haven't been able to reassemble a team like that one in '86. Then again, The Then President of The Mets, became half Owner and started interfering all over the place. He's now Majority Owner, now building the Reincarnation Of Ebbets Field, in the Shea Stadium Parking Lot. His Son, Jeffrey, mockingly called "Jeffy", interferes with GMs all over the place;

Of course that Team, could've been described as "The Team Of The Medellin Cartel", for all that Cocaine being used, which caused me to put on WTIC 1080 Hartford, while in the car, more-often, than tuning into WHN-WFAN;

And by '97, I was hooked on Fenway Park and will be up there a few times this year(2 Definite) and I hope, one more time;

Buckner is not forgiven, as he committed no Offense. Get THAT, Casual Fan A--h---s?

Mike Leggett;

BTW, F--- You, CHB.

11:58 AM  

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