Monday, February 04, 2008


detritus (d-trts)
1. Loose fragments, such as sand or gravel, that have been worn away from rock.
2. Matter produced by the decay or disintegration of an organic substance.


The Top 5 Worst Sports Losses of My Life

5. Maryland loses to Duke's 2001 "Miracle Minute," after being up 90-80 with 61 seconds left.

4. Red Sox lose Game 6, 1986 World Series, to Mets after, well, you know...

3. Maryland loses to Duke in the 2001 NCAA Final Four after being up 22 in the first half.

2. Patriots lose 2007 AFC Championship game to Colts after leading 21-3 in the first half.

1. Red Sox lose Game 7, 2003 ALCS , to Yankees after being up 5-2 in the 8th inning.

Huh, whaddya know? It didn't even crack the top five...

Congratulations to the New York Giants for giving the Patriots the biggest, most physical ass-whipping I've seen in a long time. Since we basically just have hockey now until pitchers and catchers report, I'll give out the Three Stars of last night's embarrassing debacle:

Third Star: The Patriots defense. For the second straight year, the defense needs to make one stop at the most critical juncture of a playoff game and fails. Rodney Harrison and Brandon Merriweather both dropped game sealing INTs. Assante Samuel is out of position on the Giants first TD or else that ball could have been intercepted. On 4th and 1 on the last drive, the linebackers leave two unfilled gaps, one of which Jacobs slides through for the first down. Pierre Woods can't hold onto a fumble despite laying right on top of the ball. NOBODY of the three or four guys around Eli can actually tackle him, despite three people having handfuls of his jersey. Our bend but don't break defense finally broke. Again.

Second Star: Josh McDaniels. The offensive coordinator called his worst game of the year. Not enough quick slants and screens to negate the Giants' pass rush. Too many slow-developing dropbacks. Just an incredibly conservative, stubborn gameplan. Not throwing the ball in Moss's direction for almost an entire half is inexcusable.

First Star: The Patriots offensive line. Considering that three of those guys are going to the Pro Bowl, that was a horrendously embarrassing, unprofessional, sloppy, terrible job by those guys. False starts at bad times (Matt Light, as usual); a total inability to block anybody despite the fact the Giants went with a four man rush most of the night. The number of hits on Brady they gave up to defensive lineman was astounding. Way to not show up guys. Awful.

So now that we've all completely wasted our time the last six months following the biggest sports underachievers of my lifetime, what do we have to look forward to? The complete dismantling, piece by piece, of every shred of dignity the Patriots dynasty ever had. The Spygate thing is gonna blow up again, and this time it's gonna stick. I just have a feeling it's gonna get really ugly before it gets better. I have a feeling that getting through this will be much worse than getting through the 1-15 season. I don't know anything you don't know, but like Han Solo, I have a bad feeling about this. I hope I'm wrong. Like I have been about every other thing about this team this season.

According to the Red Sox website, spring training starts in twelve days, one hour and thirty-five minutes. Thank God for that. As ol' Haywood said, "The sun will rise. The sun will set. And I'll have lunch."

As you were.


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