Thursday, December 27, 2007

We Go A-Jersey

As my daughter would say...

Yes, we are off tomorrow to the land of Jersey to see my parents. Hackettstown, to be exact, for those of you who are saying, "Oh yeah? Where in Jersey?"

My daughter is very excited to go see her grandparents. It's all she's been talking about now that she finally got her purple bike, purple helmet, Tigger & Poo book and the three thousand other things Santa brought that are now cluttering our already cluttered in-laws-provided living area. Being unemployed makes it pretty easy to plan "vacations," or as this really is, a long weekend. Leave tomorrow afternoon, come home Monday night. It'll be nice to get out of Pittsburgh, that's for sure.

So I hope you all had a nice Christmas. Ours was, in my opinion, thoroughly exhausting. Eve dinner for, I don't know, 12 people or something. Lots of food, lots of wine, lots of beer. After dinner, my brother-in-law and I had a semi-intoxicated Wii bowling and tennis tournament. Then we tried to play RockStar Games Table Tennis, which was a disaster, as it's hard to concentrate whilst chugging Guinness straight from the can and trash talking. But it is fun...
Christmas day, the kids went nuts with the presents, there was more people, more food, but alas, no more beer, as we'd finished it the night before. Got a sweet Ellsbury t-shirt from my folks, a buncha Dunkies coffee and that was about it. Money from the relatives, which is very appreciated right now, too. My parents got the kids each a cool Sox outfit- sweatsuit for the boy, cheerleader dress for the girl. That now makes two cheerleader outfits for the daughter of a mother that HATES cheerleaders and all that they stand for. I say, HA.

So, this Saturday night, there's a good chance The Wife and I will be heading into NYC. She has some friends there she wants to meet up with, and I'm entertaining the idea of watching the Pats game at Professor Thom's. So, if any of you Thom's regulars are out there, drop me a line and lemme know if you wanna meet up for a beer and some football. First round's on you...


Blogger Jere said...

It's 28-16 Giant Pricks.

Here's the deal. You need to win the Super Bowl. Specifically, you need to not let the Colts win the Super Bowl. If the Colts win, they're on top of the world. You could say you've got 3 Steve Lombardozzi Trophies, but they could say they've got the last 2. Making them the team of the moment, no dispute, and taking some of this Boston is the top sports town thing away, which I don't care about anyway.

So this game right now is meaningless. If the Giants win, we won't be telling our grandchildren about it, like Francesa said. Especially if the Pats with another Super Bowl.

To reiterate: this game is meaningless. Of course, it's not in your mind. But be rational. Or not. No big deal. Obviously, this game's far from over. But the run isn't working and the D isn't exactly, how you say, "trying" against the Giants' run.

10:12 PM  
Blogger MattySox said...

As Francesa would say, "This game is huge, HA-YUGE for the Patriots..."

It's not, believe me. I'd obviously rather lose now than later, but I'd rather not lose at all. As most people know, I hate the present Dolphins, and I hate those crotchety old Dolphins who come scurrying out of the shuffleboard courts of South Florida everytime someone goes 8-0 to start a season. So for that reason, I want undefeated. But not at the risk of getting anyone hurt.

Now, two quotes from today regarding the Patriots:

Me: "Matt Light is getting beat like an unrelated bride in West Virginia."

Some guy in the Newark Star-Ledger: "Boston- These days, the local sports pages are giddier than Rachel Ray during a Dunkin' Munchkins binge."

10:27 PM  
Blogger Jere said...

Of course, for the Dolphin thing, a win would be key.

10:45 PM  
Blogger Jere said...

holy s. Long bomb to Moss, effed up. Jere claims he's been paid to hrow game, what with previous semi-drop. next play, Yankee fan Tom hits him in stride in the same spot, Giants guy somehow in even less of a position to defend than on previous play where he fell down. TD, Pats lead. Crazy.

10:55 PM  
Blogger Jere said...

And now a pick. Things looking good for the Undef. C-zin.

Things looking bad for my "the Patriots are going nowhere this year" prediction" in Week 1.

10:57 PM  

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