Thursday, October 04, 2007


My new restaurant doesn't have a tv. So, consequently, on my first day at work at my new job, the Red Sox, naturally, were playing their first playoff game. Duh. Fortunately, they did fine without me watching, and I, too, did fine, presumably without them watching. But we've got each other's backs, believe that...

Actually, I haven't even seen any highlights yet, I've just read all the coverage in the Globe. And please, somebody fill me in: why did CHB hate the Monday Rally so much? He's been knocking it for days...Saw Jere's pics from it, read the article, sounded like the same old, same old. Dr. Charles needs a few new numbers in the rolodex, obviously, but jeez, Dan, lighten up. Was he mad that nobody asked him to speak at it? "Remember, Red Sox Nation, the curse of the Angels isn't over until a ball doesn't bounce off of Dave Henderson's glove and over the wall in Anaheim...that's the only way the Curse of the Autry-bino can be lifted..." Yeah, too bad, Dan, that Tony Armas hurt his ankle...that Hendu thing didn't work out so good...

Anyway, I won't see game two tomorrow night, but I will be home to see game three on Sunday. Hopefully that's all the Sox'll need, although I'm also off Monday for a possible game four, and heaven help us if it goes this far, I'm off next Wednesday for a possible game five. Although that's where it gets tricky, since I'm holding a pair of tix for a possible Indians-Yanks game five at the Jake next Wednesday, which I only bought on the slimmy chance that the Indians would be playing the Sox with home field advantage. But what I'm hoping for is for the Sox and whoever to win in no more than four, giving me a refund on my Indians tix, and allowing me that Wednesday free to go the Pens-Canadiens game that night with my brother-in-law. But whatever. If there's a game five at the Jake, I'll be there to root against the Yankees. Unless the Sox are in a game five, then I'll stay home and watch it. We'll see. I'm getting ahead of myself again.


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