Sunday, October 07, 2007


I finally get to watch a whole Red Sox playoff game today! Yay, me. After only seeing an inning and a half of the series so far, I get to watch it in all its (hopefully) clinching pig-pile glory this afternoon.

I will tell you this: I guess the Red Sox Empire extends its tentacles even into Pittsburgh. I say that because when Manuel put on his Papi costume on Friday night, the cheers were loud and long at the bar across the street from my new restaurant. Plus, awesomely enough, there was a guy in a Yankees cap behind us who my new Sox pal, and executive sous chef, Danielle was taunting mercilessly during breaks in the action. And he just stood there and took it. Because when your season comes down to a bug-covered Fat Jub-Jub, really, what is there to say? So, today, let's make the weird scenario of four first-round sweeps happen. Then we can all relax till the middle of the week. Ok?


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