Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Takin' Lumps

So I guess the 2000 Patriots were the 1991 Barry Bonds? A steady diet of illicit videotape "cream and clear" just happened to pump us into three-time Super Bowl champions? This whole story is fucking ridiculous, and so embarrassing to me, and every Patriots fan out there. One stupid, arrogant, reckless decision has stained everything this team worked so hard for, and everything its fans waited so long for.

I've written on a number of occasions about the "institutional arrogance" of the Patriots, but man, this is so over the top. At the end of the day I don't really care if Belichick fucked his Giants secretary, or whether he pushed a camera guy, or whether he's just an irascible, pseudo-mad-genius, prone to blowhardity and vanilla bean blandness. Because, really, that just makes him look like a jerk. Now, though, anybody that's ever worn Pat Patriot, or the Flying Elvis, will be subjected to skepticism and derision. And what comeback do we have?

Are we all positive that NO against-the-rules maneuvers were used to help us win three Super Bowls by a combined nine points? I'm sure the Pats aren't the only team to use less than proper methods to get an edge, just as I'm sure Barry Bonds has a couple hundred colleagues as guilty as he is. But they've got the biggest bulls-eyes on them because they're the highest profile examples of their kind. Now we know how all the San Francisco Giants fans have felt these last few years when their star has been tarnished by UNPROVEN allegations. Well, they've got something on us, then, because apparently the NFL can prove these allegations.

Just the other day I was watching the Super Bowl 36 dvd, and I got chills again just watching Brady and company launch that final, historic field goal drive against the Rams. How can I ever watch that again without wondering if we knew something we shouldn't have? Do I think that this "espionage" is the main ingredient in our success the last few years? Hell no. I still think we've got some of the best coaches and players in the league, and I think the incredibly hard, dedicated work they do is responsible for a minimum 99% of their success. That said, I liked it a whole lot more when I knew for sure it accounted for 100%.


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3 Ry's for cheating.

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