Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vote for Pedroia!

Have you ever wanted to wear a crappy t-shirt thought up by me? Well, this is your lucky day! How awesome would you look in this shirt? Only you and your most honest friends can answer that, but I think you'd look goooood...

I don't even like "Napolean Dynamite," but this just seemed like it needed to be done. If you agree, you can get your very own shirt here. I spent all spring giving Dustin crap. This is the least I could do...

(Update: I guess I should've checked. Turns out there's a company called selling a very similar shirt that was created by some company called Wicked Awesome tees or some such. Their's has a 15 on the back and their logo. So I'm not the original guy I never thought I was. Either way, MY shirt is still for sale for those who want to buy it without the creator makin' a penny on it. Or at least until I get sued or slapped with a cease and desist order. Whichever comes first.)


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