Monday, September 17, 2007

Matty to America: "Please Shut up Now"

I'll be the umpteen-millionth person to say it: that game last night should have been videotaped. Because the Patriots completely, utterly, undoubtedly, unequivocally and decisively DEMOLISHED the wannabe-Super Bowl-contender Chargers. It was as strong an ass-kicking statement one great team has wrecked on another supposedly great team in quite some time. The San Diego Times-Union called it "humbling." Matty called it "freaking awesome."

In attendance at the MattySox condo last evening were the Punkymom, the Mattymom, the venerable "Jets Suck" Kimmy, the Brownie Jimmy, Niki the Colt and The Big Ry. Bang-ass chili, cornbread, brownies and cake were consumed by all, as well as much beer and the two smallest gin and tonics known to man. We had the Pats game on in the living room, and I had the Sox game on in the bedroom. We called it "The Panic Room," although the Pats left little to panic about, nor much reason to escape the living room. Turns out the Sox created all the panic in the bedroom.

Well, not panic so much as great concern. I hate losing to anybody, especially the Yankees, and especially when, once again, Terry Gump fails to utilize our bullpen in the manner in which I see fit. The last Yankees' series, I felt that in games one and two, Beckett and Matsusaka were left in an inning too long. And I feel like Curt was left in a couple hitters too long last night. I still don't get why we put this great 'pen together, but leave it in the hands of a manager who can't commit to using it the way it's intended. Was Terry still nervous because of Friday night? I don't know. But Curt made a horrible pitch (which he, characteristically, admitted to after the game) and Jeter hit one of his typically Jeter opposite field cheap bloops into the second row of the Monster seats. Right, Jere? I made the joke in the bottom of the 9th that Sox-Yankees games have a real scripted, WWF feel to them. Then lo and behold, we get back to within one, we load the bases, and, Oh My God! Big Papi is striding to the plate. Seriously, that didn't feel scripted to anyone else? Unfortunately, all the writers must live in New York.

The Sox loss dampened my excitement over the Pats game for, oh, about one minute. The Pats needed to win their game a whole hell of a lot more than the Sox needed to win theirs. Now, thankfully, I don't have to listen to a week's worth of people saying we can't win without cameras. Whatever edge they may have given, we sure didn't need it last night. The Patriots were awesome, and I hope that all the people who were riding them into the ground all week were watching. The rest of America can shut up and move on now. The Pats have, and now they can keep moving on. Any team between Foxboro and Glendale, Arizona had better watch out. For the rest of us, roll tape. This looks like a season worth keeping.


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