Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Do-do-do, do-da-do-do-da-do

If you don't have a two and a half year old of your very own, I say, "Go get one!" There is no other creature in the world that feels the important and unexplainable need to wear a Steinbrenner backpack, containing roughly, oh, 30 Pez dispensers, around for the whole afternoon. But, MattyKid1.0 does, so here she is, in a manner that will not alarm the Punkymom into thinking our child will be stalked in an internet-related manner...

On a related note, here's a blurry picture of a mailbox painted to look like R2D2. It's located outside of the McPherson Square metro station near the intersection of 14 & Eye Sts NW.

On a completely unrelated note, here's a picture of me drinking beer in 2005 in Seattle. (And I just realized I'm wearing that same shirt as I type this...)

Finally, here's a sweet picture the Punkymom took inside the ruins of Killmallock Castle in Killmallock, County Cork, Ireland...
Of course, the purpose of all of the above is to take your mind off the fact that, despite what all the "optimistic" bloggers out there say, the Red Sox are on the 5:48 to second place...And do you know what I just realized? (Serendipitous blog moment alert...)
All these pictures tell the future! (Overdramatic blog moment alert...) We'll soon be chasing the evil empire, the Sox are mailing it in, it's causing me to drink and our season is collapsing into ruins! Help us Obi-Jon-Lester! You're our only hope...


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