Monday, September 03, 2007


I saw bits and pieces of the no-no on the tv at work, without even realizing that Clay had the no-no going...went back to the office about 9:30 for a minute, checked gameday, and saw he had the zeros working. My old friends Ben and Esther walked into the bar right before the start of the 9th...I knew that was a good sign, since Ben and I blew up DC after the Pats won their first Super Bowl...I said to Ben, "Something's going on here...I can't say what..." and Ben immediately understood; he just wanted to know who "wasn't" doing anything...the last hook to Mar-cock-is was devastating...then went back into the office a little later and watched the 9th on with Don and Jerry on the call...I got the feeling Don had been rehearsing that call in his head since about the 6th inning. I thought he nailed it. I also loved Joe West's delayed, emphatic strike 3 call- well played, sir.

Yesterday's game I managed to watch bits and pieces of inside the toddler tornado that was my daughter's friend's second birthday party. Not easy to follow the pace of the game surrounded by running, yelling, smelly, messy kids ages 6 months to 5 years old. Left the game at 3-2 to walk down to the beach so the kids could go swim in the Chesapeake. Called my old man later to find out the score; I already knew the Yanks had lost, so a fine day it turned out to be.

Followed the Yank's score today while watching the Nats-Marlins game on TV...Wily Mo went deep, which always chaps my ass to see. The Yanks were down 7-1 in the 8th when we left to take the kids to the park. There was an old guy with a Mass. accent there with his grandkids who saw me and my daughter's Sox hats and asked me if I knew what happened in the Yankees game...I told him what I knew and he said, "That's good ta heah..." So I knew that was a good omen when I got home and checked the final. Six and a half and rising, as Jere says. Hope he's right.

I'm disappointed the game tonight's not on ESPN or something; they've got college football! Since when did colleges play primetime games on Monday night? Weird. Oh well; maybe I'll listen to some of it on the MLB radio thing while I'm making dinner for me and the Punkymom. Hope everybody had a good Labor Day...Here we go seven games...


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