Tuesday, September 04, 2007


After dinner, I checked the score and saw that it was 10-1 Sox. "Oh jeez," I said. "Finally some run support for Dice. Even one of his patent-pending, signature Dice innings can't screw this one up..." Then I popped a beer and we watched "Zodiac" on demand. (Which was pretty good; the whole thing had a really wet, claustrophobic, creepy quality to it, and some pretty good performances by Mark Ruffalo and Jake Gyllenhal.) Anyway, after the movie, I checked the score just to see what the blowout final score was and man, was I surprised: 13-10. My first thought was, "Am I glad I missed this one?" I'm not sure if I could have watched that game and not lost my mind and or woken up the kids...I'm sure some of you out there have shorter fingernails this morning.

I can't remember the last "elite" pitcher who could so quickly let an inning get away from him...He's almost Lowe-ian in that regard. He has innings that you can almost feel getting ready to run away from him. He's unpredictable and inconsistent, and that makes me nervous come October. I know that he's leading the team in quality starts, but man, what a misleading stat. I think the Sox should make every effort down the stretch to rest him an extra day whenever possible. Use some of the young guns to spot him a day off or two. At this point of the season, energy-wise, he seems to be in way over his head.

It looks like Wakefield will be ready to go on Thursday night, resurrecting my old "If Matty's at Camden, it's gotta be Wake" streak...I've missed him the last couple times I've gone, after seeing him something like nine straight games at Camden Yards. If anyone out there is going to the game on Thursday, drop me a line and we'll meet for a pint at the Wharf Rat before the game. I'm just thankful I won't be there on Saturday- that sounds pretty rough... My favorite part is how this guy says they are taking back their own stadium "if only for one night" and "if only temporarily." He understands the futility of trying to resist the influx of Red Sox fans and bandwagoneers. How did Caple and USA Today and all the other RSN bashers miss this guy? He's the poster child for all the whiny, over-matched and shouted down fans of all the pathetic teams whose organizations can't provide an on-field product good enough to elicit the sort of support that doesn't require a conscientious effort to reclaim your own stadium from a traveling band of ruffians decked out in red and blue. Rest assured that when I'm at the Yard on Thursday, and somebody's wife or girlfriend "initiates an activity that calls for taunting," my comebacks won't "be more mellow." Awrighty, hon?


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