Friday, September 07, 2007


Well that was sweet. A fine final game (for now) at Camden Yards. It took us almost two hours to get to Balty from Alexandria, but we found a street spot(!) just a couple blocks from the stadium- nice job, Ronnie. We hit the Wharf Rat for a few or three beers then got to our seats by the bottom of the first, after the lightening quick top of the frame. Our seats were actually too good, or so we joked after both Millar and Coco's shots went about three rows behind us. We had to sit behind a family of Yankee fans in town to visit their Bernie Williams-shirt wearing daughter or some such, but they were ok. We made fun of Bernie's age and jazz cd and the Yankee's division deficit and other stuff...

Definitely a weird game. Wake had nothing, but the O's starter is, I think, mentally retarded. I hope that's not doing a disservice to mentally retarded people...How do you throw to the wrong base TWICE in one inning? It was amusing to watch the three Oriole fans there just throw their hands up in frustration and resignation. It was like watching Jose Oquendo just walk away from the Suppan baserunning debacle in '04, Game 3. Humorous to say the least. This game had everything- a few good defensive plays, homers, The Patented JD Drew Rally Kill, Double-H setting a fire then putting it out with a little help from the Doctor, Coco's huge jump in the ninth and Tek's clutch, pinch-hit single. Then Paps was just lights out to close it. Eleven pitches. A thing of beauty. And considering that the game featured thirteen runs, twenty hits and ten pitchers, it moved by at a pretty brisk clip, coming in at only three and a quarter hours. We were home by midnight.

So it's six and a half with 21 to play. Can everybody relax a little and just enjoy these last three weeks?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

3 1/2 Ry's for a shitty recap and not even mentioning The Ry himself was in attendance. What a douche.

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