Thursday, August 30, 2007


Do I think the Yankees will catch us and win the division? No. Do I think they're better than us right now? I have no idea. Do I want to see them in the playoffs? Hell no. Am I frustrated as hell with the Sox right now? Hell yes.

After last weekend, I think everybody thought they had it figured out. We absolutely smoked the White Sox; but then again, they're so bad right now that Ozzie is screaming, cursing and begging for Double-A call-ups to replace the shitty players playing shittier he has now. So I'm not sure what that means. And the Yankees lose three out of four to the Tigers, getting embarrassed in the finale. And now, the Yanks beat us two straight, Anaheim sweeps the Mariners, and Detroit can't beat Cleveland. Who the hell knows what all this means? Is this why "they play the games on the field?"

I do know this, though- anytime the top or middle of the order gets a rally going for the Sox, it will be short-lived. Crisp/Hinske/Lugo does not a long inning make. When Coco wakes up in the morning, does he step out of bed into an 0-2 count? And Drew...I don't even know where to begin. He went on and on to Cafardo in the Globe today about how he's back on track and finding his stroke, and yada yada and all I know is that in two games, with men on base, he's feebly struck out on check swings at the most critical moments of games. No wonder he's been hated everywhere he's been. He seems to have the most selfish at-bats; like Cafardo's article said, if it's not perfect, he won't swing. Well, with runners on base in a one-run game, at least take a rip at something for God's sake. If I have to watch him kill one more rally with a confused, weak ass at bat I will be forced to jab a pen in my eye until the spurting blood has completely covered my TV screen.

So now, we trust Schilling, who's given up at least five runs in all of his starts against New York this year, and we get to watch the Yanks lug their .372 average against Schill into the Stadium for what is, to them, the biggest game of their season so far. As much as I enjoyed leading the division by 14.5 games, a lead like that does seem to rob the boys of any sense of urgency. This feels like old times- they're playing to win and we're playing not to lose. I'm not panicking, and I'm not even very worried, but damn, it'd make me feel a lot better to hear some enthusiasm and energy on RKO Let's Go Sox- a win today would be weddy nice.


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