Thursday, August 30, 2007


The Sox only needed to win one, and came away empty handed. Today's game was definitely awful, no doubt about it, but it was not the disaster it will be portrayed as in the papers tomorrow. Ok, maybe it was, but it's not catastrophic. Not even close. If any of us had the choice of going into September with a five game lead, I'm sure we'd have jumped at the chance. We're still in good shape, in theory.

What does concern me, though, is how lackadaisical and punchless this lineup has become. I know everyone is making a big deal about the expanding roster, but really, is there much pop on the way? Right now, with Manny and Crazy Red on the shelf, our lack of depth is really being exposed. That concerns me, too. We got three pretty decent starts from Dice, Becks and Schill. I think Tito really screwed up the first two games by letting those guys get into the seventh innings. What's the point of having "the best bullpen in baseball" and then letting tiring starters get in over their heads? When we got Gagne, everybody in the organization said, basically, now these are six-inning games. So what happened to that? All three of these games were pretty winnable, and we got Grady'd in two of them.

Random side question: At what point does Theo get some heat for some, in my opinion, pretty poor decisions? We're paying Lugo and Drew what, $23 million combined? I guess Coco was the best we could do at the time, but he's been maddeningly inconsistent and frustrating, too. There's a startling lack of late inning pinch-hitting and defensive options available as well, considering our fairly monstrous payroll. I'm not a fan who's satisfied resting on the ever-fading laurels of 2004; I want to win really bad every year. At what point does Theo's grace period start to fade? I know we have the best record in baseball, and we're set up well in the standings. Maybe I'm just being selfish. I just have some, I think, legitimate concerns about how well we're really put together for a deep October run.

Had a fun time listening to the game on EEI today, and getting in on the chat over at Joy Of Sox. I've never gotten in on one of those game threads over there before, and it was pretty entertaining. I wish some of the chatters would ditch the "I'm a better Sox fan than you" routine, and I wish there were less comments of a personally attacking nature, but all in all, it was a great way to release stress during a stressful game. Good times. And thanks to Jere for the email updates after I left for work...

With the O's coming to Fenway, it seems like a great time to get back on track. No Bedard on Saturday; maybe we can catch a break or two before this thing is done...

Update link thingy: If you haven't read this, you must. Fucking Awesome...How did I ever doubt that guy?


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I like that NFL Predictions Star Wars thing that guy linked to. That is funny

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