Saturday, April 21, 2007

That's Just a Bit of Cracker Tricknology...

Thanks to FOX sports' decision to start their Saturday games at 4pm, I got to see about an inning and a half of the game before going to Georgetown to do a wine tasting. Thanks to T-Mobile, and the weird phone I have that I don't really fully understand, I was able to see a bare-bones version of ESPN's GameCast to follow the game. It's sort of like watching in slow motion. But as the Sox took the lead, then held it, my trusty little phone kept telling me good news. Amazing what the year 2007 can do.

Josh Beckett is 4-0. He put down fifteen out of seventeen after coughing up the four runs in the first two innings. Is it possible that he's learned how to pitch?

I wish I'd seen Papelbon strike out Jeter in the ninth. It's not nearly as dramatic on the screen of a phone as it is watching him swing and miss and shake his head in that "I'm not perfect?" kind of way.

And since I've turned this into a USA Today-Larry King-esque sort of dealy, I'll just say that I'm not really looking forward to Morgan and Miller tomorrow night. But I am looking forward to a sweep. Aren't we all? As Curt would say, it's time for the Yankees to "straight panic, bitches!"


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