Thursday, April 05, 2007


Another 7-1 game. Fortunately, the Sox were on the right end of this one. Yes, I'll admit Josh Beckett pitched well. No, I didn't enjoy saying that, as my contempt for Mr. Beckett is well known. However, I enter this season with an open mind as pertains to him. If he pitches well, then I will jump on his bandwagon faster than three balls can eat up Mike Lowell. If he doesn't, well, I will be forced to rerun/update/make meaner the post from last summer where I found other things the Sox could've spent $30million on. But for now, here are the scores for last night's game; and remember, these are in no way based in any way on any kind of first hand knowledge of the game.

The game only scored this high because it's the first win of the season; still, it is just the Royals, so don't anyone freak out too much. I give it:

That said, I give Mike Lowell:

Three errors? He only made six all last season. And did anyone else see, in the main Globe story about the game, that Pedroia said he covered himself in Vaseline? I know it was cold, but he's not exactly summiting Everest here. He's playing second base in Kansas City in April. I picture him taking the field today as some Redsox-colored version of the little brother in "A Christmas Story." "Pedroia, why didn't you turn two out there?" "Because I can't put my arms down! Waaaaahhhh!!!" Somebody get Dustin another couple layers, huh? Poor guy only weighs about a buck-forty-five. Maybe he can sit in Youk's back pocket between pitches to stay warm.
Alright, kids. It's almost Burgher Time. Try not to miss me too much- I'll try to post throughout the weekend, but I'm not sure how much of a chance I'll get, what with my busy Vaselining schedule to get ready for the 40-degree temps expected at PNC Park on Monday. Oh, and I'll try to get a pic of a real "Pittsburgh Hot" girl at Hi-Tops, too. It's almost like seeing the Beatles in Liverpool...


Blogger Peter N said...

We need two of two in Texas. Julian, and then someone who has something to prove. That would be.........Schill. Happy holiday to you and yours...always. Fenway tuesday looks so so inviting.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Peter N said...

And I wrote a '67 post about THAT team...happy easter!

11:45 AM  

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