Sunday, April 01, 2007

An Open Letter to a Clueless Owner

Dear John Henry,

In this article, you end a moderately interesting interview with the Boston Globe's Amalie Benjamin with this little nugget pertaining to a possible Clemens return to Boston...

"But if he comes, it will be for one reason -- it will be for the fans who gave him a standing ovation last time he pitched at Fenway -- the fans of New England who love the game and adored him even when he wore a Yankee uniform."

This proves, once again, at least to me, that this ownership and leadership is completely without an idea as to how real fans think. In the past, you've gone on and on about all the new seating options (which most fans can't afford), you've put the team exclusively on cable (which some fans don't have), you've signed players in a dizzying, random manner at times, then tightened the checkbook just as randomly at other times abandoning players valuable to the team and its fans, and now, you, the principal owner of the team, say that if Clemens is signed, it will be for the fans who "adored him even when he wore a Yankee uniform."

Do you mean the fans who were burned to the core by the deceit and betrayal of someone who played the game as selfishly (and yes, as greatly at times) as anyone who's ever worn the Sox uniform? Do you mean the fans who spend their birthday money to road-trip to Philly, or sit in the cheap seats in Baltimore, or the ones who spend five hours sitting at their computer when Fenway tix go on sale on the off chance they can drop twice the league average price for a ticket to sit, leaning around a pole, staring into dead center field? Do you mean those fans, Mr. Henry? Because I assure you, THOSE FANS HATE ROGER CLEMENS. Do you honestly believe that anyone who calls them self a true fan "adored" anybody who ever wore a Yankee uniform? Does it escape you that ALL of New England was leaping out of their skin in joyous rapture when Clemens was sent to an early shower in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS? Do you honestly think there was one person who felt badly about that?

Or maybe you mean the "fans" who can afford to sit in the prime seats, the ones who snack on tuna tartare and sip white wine, the "fans" who come late and leave early and are just there because it's "the hottest ticket in town." Do you mean those fans, Mr. Henry? If those are the fans you mean, then just say you're doing this for the corporate sponsors longing for another big name to promote and the long-time season ticket holders who are only there because the same people who died and left them all their money had the good graces to leave them their season tickets, too. Don't for a second pretend that you're doing this for the real fans. It's a typically disingenuous move from the spin-controllers on Yawkey Way to make a patently unpopular decision, while trying to convince people that it's what everyone wants. Believe me, it's not.

So please, Mr. Henry, don't do us any favors. If you really want to do us a favor, tell your overrated whizkid/lapdog of a GM to stop signing overpriced, well-known malcontents like JD Drew and instead start spending the money, the money we were told last season you couldn't afford to spend in the middle of a pennant race, on some middle relief and some quality depth at catcher. But please, sir, do not put me in the position of ever again having to root for Roger Clemens. I love baseball, and I love the Red Sox, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Don't make me try.

Someone's who's been a Red Sox fan a lot longer than you,



Blogger Peter N said...

No fair to speak for all of us. I love know that. And I think our Sox, as they're built right now, has no need of the Rocket. But I have to keep my hopes alive just in case.
Enjoy opening day....I'll always be here, blogging for some reason or the other. That you can count on. Through thick, and thin. These past few days have been my "thin." But when Gil Meche takes the hill, and we bat around in the first inning, well, you know all too well. I'll be standing and cheering through my laughs, giddiness and tears. I'm actually watching the (damn) Yanks on YES-HD.....until 4pm.
So take care. 2007---our year? Oh yes. Peter, your blog friend. Be well.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Roger Rocket:

As popular in Fenway Park, as Hitler is in a Jewish Neighborhood in Brooklyn;


5:53 PM  

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