Friday, April 27, 2007

I Should Yell at the Weak More Often

You will all be happy to know I defended Curt Schilling, bloggers and fans alike, while at the same time, eviscerating Dan Shaughnessy (who wrote a real barn-burner today in the Globe, by the way) and, slightly less so, Gary Thorne, on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday. He finally took my call and after the obligatory "5'10, 170" and the ding, I said that untalented journalists, who are already insecure because they're covering a sport they dreamed about playing, take major exception to stars finding new ways to communicate directly with their fans (like Curt's blog) because that basically renders the journalist irrelevent. I said it was a shame that ego trumps professionalism so routinely in the field of sports journalism and broadcasting. Dan responded by saying that, basically, he has no problem with athletes blogging, or talking directly to fans, but that he does see how that could freak out older, more traditional journalists. Afterwards, I felt kind of dirty for calling a sports talk radio show, but the feeling passed pretty quickly. It's not like I'm Angry Bill or anything. Yet.

One last thought on Thorne-gate, from the unfortunately named Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun...I really liked his column today.

Obviously I didn't get to the game last night, as I'd hoped to do. My apologies for letting Jere down. Although he did run my sweet photo of our TV showing the Wednesday game. Anyway, I didn't even see that much of the game last night, just the first and then the eighth and ninth innings. Call me crazy, but I rather preferred to spend the time cooking dinner for, and eating with, my wife. I did get the game on in time to see the uprising against monosyllabic O's closer, Chris Ray. Having been to Camden Yards many, many times, I can tell you from experience that VERY FEW guys have homered into the visitor's bullpen. That was a hell of a shot by Wily Mo. I've been ripping him privately and publicly for some time now, so it was nice to see him prove me wrong, as most of the guys I rip usually do.

Speaking of, my boy Josh Beckett is 5-0, just as I predicted he'd be. Thank God I've never left that guy for dead, nor suggested that the Red Sox could find better ways to spend $30million. Yup, I'm proud to sit here today and count myself among Josh Beckett's biggest fans. Never doubted him for a moment. Charter fan club member here...(whistling as I walk away quietly, trying not to look like the biggest asshole in the room...)


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