Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just Call Me Sir Linksalot

I should give myself about three Big Ry's for updating so infrequently, but I just haven't felt that motivated the last week or so. Not that the weekend wasn't very exciting and satisfying; it just seems that during Yankees' series, there is so much useless blibble-blabble floating online that I didn't feel the need to add to it, especially with more pedestrian "Yay! The Yankees sux" type talk. I really had nothing to add to the proceedings other than vague and most-likely missed Anti-Flag and Charlie Brown Kwanzaa references.

Add to that the fact that I'm wicked tired, and that we've hardly done anything exciting in the last week or so, and well, you get a pretty boring blog, a situation I'm now compounding by adding this boring post about how boring things are. Last Thursday we actually got a babysitter (Big Ry himself, as a matter of fact) and went out for our fourth anniversary. Yay us. Then on Sunday we went to the big ol' Punkymoms BBQ Bash, where I very nearly lost my mind in the presence of more than a few uninteresting adults and very more than a few rampaging tots.

Also, a little baseball team of mine is playing tonight and tomorrow night in Baltimore, but, alas, I shan't be in attendance. For several reasons, not least of which is the games being scheduled so closely to tax day, but honestly, to get from Alexandria to Baltimore on a weekday for a 7pm start would require me to do one of two things: leave at three, get to B-more about three hours early and have to kill a lot of time without being able to kill it at the Rat because I have to drive, or leaving just an hour later at four, and needing at least 2 hours, if not more, to fight rush hour. Then, I wouldn't get home until about 1am. Am I sounding really old, lazy and curmudgeonly here? I feel like it this morning. Besides, I'll get both games on tv. But if you do feel like heading to Camden Yards, there's plenty of good tickets available. Field Boxes by the Sox dugout were still open as of a little bit ago. So go. I don't care, I'll look for you on tv.

Speaking of tv, watch this if you haven't already seen it, or if NBC hasn't taken it down yet. Peyton Manning is still a major league douche, but this is pretty funny nonetheless. And this is great, yet horrifying all at the same time (make sure you watch the one called "Betrayal"). And with that, I think I just set a personal record for most links in post. Finally, I'll leave you with perhaps the most profound question I've heard asked in quite some time, courtesy of some random guy on Bill Simmon's ESPN chat last Friday: During ceremonial first pitch tossings, why does the ceremonial tosser sometimes wear a baseball glove? Now that is the reason Al Gore invented the internet.


Blogger Jere said...

There goes my correspondent for this series. No photos, no coasters. Did I say "coasters"? I meant DVD. Weird.

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