Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ferris Bueller Day

Thanks to my friend, Chris, who came up with choice seats for today's businessman's special at RFK, I sort of blew off work this afternoon to, you know, enjoy the businessman's special. We started out nine rows behind the first base end of the Marlins' dugout, on the aisle. Chris left in the 6th to get to work, and I moved down to the first row behind the dugout, which was about the best seat I've ever had for a game. Anibal Sanchez and Hanley Ramirez figured prominently in the contest, Sanchez getting the start, looking good early, then leaving in the 6th after giving up a 3-run shot to Ryan Church Lady that got the Nats within two. (Church's "theme" music, when he comes to bat, is "Crazy Train" by Ozzy. I bet every white guy in every major league locker room has a pretty serious Rochambeaux tournament at the beginning of the year to decide who gets to stride to the plate accompanied by that song...) Hanley was on base all day, lacing a triple to the gap, then reaching twice on errors, scoring a couple runs in the process. Then of course he botched a tough chance in the ninth. Miggy Cabrera launched another homer, his second in three days. The Nats ended up coming from two down in the bottom of the ninth to take the game 7-6, with old Orioles failure Jorge Julio blowing the save. It was cool and overcast, and the crowd was announced at not even 19,000, but still, it was real baseball (as close as the bottom of the National League gets, I guess) on a Wednesday afternoon, so I can't really complain. Took some more lousy pictures. Here they are...

An un-zoomed view from our seats. Pretty ritzy.

Teddy Roosevelt and George Washington bringing up the rear of the "President's Race." This is what they do to keep the fans "excited," like the Sausage Race in Mill-e-walk-a, or the Pierogi Race in P-burg. This Teddy never wins apparently. He rapeled down into the stadium on opening day and still lost. I hope he was a better president than he is a bobblehead racer.

This is Anibal Sanchez making the slow walk after giving up Churchy's dong. Even when he takes his hat off, man, his hair looks perfect. Pretty weird. No hat hair whatsoever on that Sanchez.

Ryan Invader Zimmerman about to walk, loading 'em up in the bottom of the ninth. At this point, I was hoping for a walkoff homer, because I've never seen one in person. Alas, it was a Dmitri Young walkoff near foul ball bloop single, that, had it been caught, would've scored the tag-up runner from third anyway, so the left fielder let it drop on the off chance it dropped foul. Which it didn't. Nats win! Here they are literally exploding out of the dugout to make the charge across the diamond to hug Young over by first base. I call that the "'04 Game Fiver Pigpile."

Finally, here's a shot of a very, very, very (you're gonna have to trust me on this one) dejected Hanley Ramirez getting ready to leave Washington and go to some other city to not play for the Red Sox. Bye Hanley! We hardly knew ya...

And not to jinx it or nothing, but I'd say the Sox are well on their way to a two Big Matty night. We'll see.


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