Thursday, April 12, 2007

But I'm Not Dead Yet...

No, I haven't given up on the site. Between traveling to Pittsburgh for Easter, then getting sick and back to work, I just haven't had time to do much. That will hopefully change this weekend. Plus, I'm enjoying my free MLB Extra Innings preview on digital cable, at least till Sunday, when it ends. I wish I could justify $159, but man, that's a lot of diapers and stuff.

Nine observations from my time away:

1. A 27-degree windchill is inexcusable weather for anybody's opening day, unless Saskatchawan has a new team I'm not aware of. Really lousy, Pittsburgh, really lousy. I didn't even get any good pictures because my hands were too cold to operate my camera phone. That said, the beer stayed cold for a looonnnggg time.

2. I always liked Brendan Donnelly, even when he was with the Angels. Maybe it was the glasses, or the herky-jerky windup, or just his whole attitude. Staring down certified douchebag Jose Guillen at the home opener was awesome. We've been lacking some attitude in middle relief and it's good to see. Also, nice job by Dice-K backing him up last night by drilling Guillen, then throwing under Ichiro's chin. Last year, every time Schill or Beckett tried to throw inside, they'd miss over the plate and somebody would crank it out. Other than that, I'm kind of sick of "Dice-Mania."

3. Last night's performance by young Felix was about as dominating a one-hitter as you'll ever see. Even the walk to Pedroia, I thought the ump missed a strike-call on 2-2. Really, not a very hard hit ball all night. And he just made some guys look horrendous. Crisp's three at-bats were the worst, most uncomfortable looking at-bats I've seen in a long while. On the whole, a really pathetic display. Lots of first-pitch swinging, too. Have we abandoned the whole working the pitch-count thing? Who's the hitting coach? Nomar?

4. Yes, if Josh Beckett keeps this up, I will write a very nice piece about him at some point. But I'm talking like a 9-2 start, ok? So don't get too excited.

5. Papelbon's save Sunday night should pretty much put that whole debate to bed. If you don't want him back there in the 9th, please exit the bus now. You're not wanted here.

6. Too much candy really does make kids super-hyper and unable to sleep for more than an hour at a time. See: Easter Sunday, my in-laws house.

7. Damn, but Tina Cervasio on NESN is fucking stupid. Bring back the Frede! Also, I don't get the whole Hazel Mae thing, either. Just me I guess...

8. you are no Marty's RVs, that I can tell you.

9. If you're ever in the Butler, PA area, I offer this dining suggestion for your enjoyment: Snack 'n Pack. It's a 6-pack carry out joint with a little dining room. Pretty much everything is fried, including, I think, the chairs, cups and napkins. Really great eats. I highly recommend this sampler for two: six Pepperoni Balls, an order each of fried cheese sticks and broccoli bites, and an Italian Wedge to share. A couple beers, served in frosty mason jars, and you're in and out for about $30, plus tip. A must-see in a never-see area.


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