Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Maybe Not the Funniest Thing Ever. But Close.

This is maybe the greatest interview I've ever read six years after the fact. Especially his answer to the ninth question (you have to count yourselves...the q's aren't numbered). I am not at all into computer games, or Playstation or anything like that. I played a little D&D as a young teen but soon realized that D&D and chess don't exactly hurry the pants off the ladies. So I stuck to sports, where I soon learned that sitting on the bench has roughly the same effect on the female types as dorky game playing. So I was a late bloomer. What's it to you? Considering all that, how in the hell do people, like the person Curt is in that interview, ever get laid?

Let me set the scene for you...

It's the year almost middle-aged man of prodigious fame and physical talent sits alone in his hotel room wearing an old, fading "WWR2D" t-shirt and red sweatpants. His $7,000 Dell XPS laptop bathes him in a flickering, warm glow. A half-empty bottle of Yoo-Hoo sits on the night stand. It is 4:45am on a Saturday morning and our protagonist is locked in a life or death battle...

Curt Schilling: "Does anyone have some frogloks we can send down the hall? Shit! I'm hurt and I have no mend! No fucking mend, go figure...IT'S TIME TO STRAIGHT PANIC, BITCHES..."

The phone rings. And rings. Finally, on the eleventh ring, Curt picks it up...

Voice: "Scythehands Voxslayer? Is that you?"

Curt: "Maybe, who is this?"

Voice: "This is the rest of the're a fucking dork. Just kidding, dude, it's Youk. Go to bed, man. You're pitching in like eight hours..."

On a related note, anyone who is trying to find me at the game in Philly on Saturday should have no problem tracking me down. I'll be the guy wearing that homemade t-shirt...

Hope to see all you pala-dudes and pala-dudettes there...just remember- you've got a level 43 Friend in me...


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