Monday, March 26, 2007

The City of Bloggerly Love

Well...what are you doing next Saturday? If you're me, or Mighty Quinn or Leggett or FiNY, you'll be in Philly for the Sox-Phils game at 1:05pm...I knew a bunch of them were coming down on the bus from Prof. Thom's, and I'd been thinking about going anyway...then last Wednesday, my birthday plans got sick-ed out by the kids, and so I decided to do the completely juvenile thing and spend my b-day money from parents and in-laws ("...and make sure you spend this on yourself, on something FUN, for you...") on going to Philly for the game. I've already heard from John Quinn, and I left messages for FiNY and Leggett, so all that's left is for Peter to swing by Manhattan, pick up Jere, and meet us all at the game. I'm trying to organize a Sox bloggers get together sometime before/during the game. I know some of you in NYC already know each other, but I would love to meet all of you in person, finally. I feel as though I really know so much about each of the people in my links list, but I haven't met any of you face to face yet. Should be a cool afternoon...

As for my seats, well, cool story. I'd been tracking various seats on Stubhub and ebay, then tried today, to see what the legit channel had to offer, which was surprisingly good, like sections, lower level, down by the foul poles about 30 rows back off the field. Seemed great, but I wasn't sure I could find anyone to go up there with me, so I didn't buy right away. Well then I talked to die-hard SBF reader Kim (not FiNY, my friend Kim) who expressed interest, so this evening I got on just for fun and bam! Sec. 116, Row 20. Twenty rows off the field, behind the Phils' dugout. No idea how such great seats suddenly popped up, but what the hell? As I said to Quinn, I'd rather be behind the Sox dugout, but I'm not complaining at great infield boxes for face value.

The best part? Dice-K is supposed to start!!! According to this, he's supposed to throw about 60 pitches... how great is that? For me, who won't get to Fenway this year (again...) and might see the Sox once or twice in B-more, that's hot...anyway, I'm wicked psyched for Saturday, and hope that we all get together to toast the Sox and the friendship (internet-related friendship that it is) that our blogs have created...Quinn has my cell #, but email me if you want it for Saturday at your cameras, I know I'll have mine...

Update: as of 5 minutes after I posted this, I checked back on and there were seats available in 123, row 32. Right behind home plate, 32 rows behind the end of the "fancy-behind-home-plate-seats." I'll take mine. But for someone looking for tix, or a reason to go to Philly, be advised, "Good Seats Still Available."

Update 2: as of 5 minutes ago, I left a comment on Schill's blog letting him know that a few Sox bloggers would be in Philly on Saturday and that if he didn't contact me directly to organize a group photo then I'd have no choice but to convince Michael Leggett that Curt is a half-brother of Joe Buck, thereby sending Michael into a frenzy of preoccupied, hysterical stalk-a-tive-ness, the likes of which hasn't been unleashed on anyone short of the "Braying Babboon" himself, Mr. Tim McCarver. I bet we get our photo, kids, I bet we do...


Blogger Peter N said...

You are SO funny...I wish I could make are my family! And as the days dwindle at light speed into the start of the season, I'm excited. I'll be there in spirit. That I promise. And thank you for making this past weekend seem like a distant but still a too soon hurting nightmare. I can sleep at night. Everything sounds like so mch fun....I hope you write about it. And I promise you will see me during this summer of Sox '07. One that we will remember...forever!
Pete, your friend.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Hilarity has no bounds:

Curt a half-bro of BUCK;

Please, NO;

I'll be with Quinn, FiNY & The Gang;

& "The 2 Doofi from FOX Saturday Baseball", can't do anything about it;

"Forest Walberg has said this: 'Stupid is as stupid says'";

We'll be there, or Tim will utter just that line, above.

7:44 PM  
Blogger FINY said...

Matty, I just laughed so hard at the end of this post that I snorted. In my office. That was awesome.

Check your email, I sent you my cell # as well. I know you've got Quinn's but you know, just in case.

11:24 AM  

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