Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Right...I guess I did do that...

Remember a couple months ago when I said I had a major announcement, then never announced anything major? Remember when I laughed it off and said, "It's not like I quit the restaurant to go sell Italian wine or anything..."

I forgot to tell you guys...I totally did that.

Yeah, I gave notice to Ceiba the first week of October, planned to talk about it here, then my GM at the restaurant wanted to keep things quiet as long as possible. I didn't say anything on here because I know that some of my former employees read this occasionally. So, anyway, we finally broke the news at work around December 18, but somehow I forgot to put a post up about it.

Well, today was my first official day with my new company, Grappoli Imports. A friend of ours is the co-owner, and they wanted me to take my interest in and knowledge of wine to help them build what is still a pretty young company. So I'm a sales guy now. Selling a broad portfolio of 99% Italian wines. And I have no idea what I'm doing. Well, ok, I sort of do, but it's all pretty new to me. I've worked on the purchasing end for restaurants before, but never on the wholesale end. I expect I'll grow into it slowly, but the hours are much more conducive to raising a family, as it's mostly daytime with most evenings and weekends off. So that's one major plus. Initially, it's probably a lateral move, at best, financially, but the potential is really high if I bust my ass to develop new accounts. I was really surprised at how many places where I know someone we're not in yet, so in addition to the 40 or so accounts I'm sort of poaching, I've got a pretty extensive list of places where I've at least got a friendly "in."

So anyway, if any of you have come looking for me at the restaurant in the last couple days, well, sorry. New Year's Eve was my last night...I got to eat dinner with my wife tonight, at a normal time, help put my daughter to bed, get my son to sleep, and watch "Top Chef" not on rerun. Feels very strange, all of it. Almost like a day job. This could be interesting...


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