Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'm Not Superstitious...Am I?

All I'm saying is that last week, I shaved on Monday, then didn't for the rest of the week until this past Monday; and last Sunday I put on my Pats jersey as soon as I got dressed and kept it on all day. And this week we're having family pics with the kids taken at 2:30, and I have to shave, and obviously can't wear the ol' home Brady action all day. And this concerns me a little bit. A lot actually. It concerns me that I'm actually thinking about it, not that the "rules" will be broken.

I used to be really superstitious about sports. Examples: during the '03 Sox run, I could only drink Budweiser, preferably cans. When I'd go downstairs from our old apartment to smoke, I'd have to hold my cigs, lighter and keys just so on the return elevator trip to our place. I had to have the top and bottom buttons of my jersey open (this was before the horror of Millar-ALCS-Game 2-popout-jersey-button-tearing-meltdown of '04). My wife showed up at a bar I was at during game 4 of the Oakland series in '03 wearing a longsleeve Boston shirt I had and I nearly freaked out on her for wearing that without permission and chancing the fates. I'm famous for switching caps during a game. For turning them around sideways or backwards, but never inside out. With two strikes, 3-2 counts, or third downs, I never sit. I stand, or hop, or crouch. I just can't sit. After the Pats first two Super Bowls, I randomly ended up, with different people each time, at the same DC strip club after the games. When that didn't happen after SB39, I worried for a second if time would move backwards and let the Eagles win to punish me for disturbing the rhythm of life. I still blame myself for the '03 game 7 debacle because we returned to the same bar in which I watched the Sox lose games 1 & 2 of the Oakland series, just because the bartenders at that bar were Yankees fans and I wanted to be there to see their sad faces after game 7. Oh, the hubris of youth!

None of this is any more or less ridiculous than anyone else's little quirks, but make no mistake, it's all ridiculous. The older I've gotten, the less I worry about such things. More often than not now, I just try to help others maintain their little routines. It's too much effort to remember always to take two sips of beer everytime the Pats get a first down. At some point it goes from "helping your team win" to having a named, treatable, medical condition, and I simply don't have the energy for it anymore. Sure I still turn my cap around, and I still pace, but those are just nervous tics, not outright talismans.

Today, I'll make sure to call my friend Kim and invite her over to watch the game. And like always, she'll say, "NO, you know me, I always watch playoff games at home, it's been working so far!" And she means since 2001. She's never come over to watch a game. But I think we both take a little comfort in the routine of me asking her. And we'll send a ton of texts during the game, but never actually speak. Last week, my wife said, "Why don't you just call her and talk to her?" And I said, "I can't...Kim doesn't like to talk during the game..." And my wife gave me that look, that one that says, "You guys are all retarded." And maybe she's right. But I'm not as bad as I used to be. Now, Kim will probably make her dog sit on the couch next to her the WHOLE game, and that's cool. She takes comfort and luck in that. I take comfort in the fact that tomorrow, if I'm reading all about Manning's big day, it won't be because I shaved today. But I really, really hope we win, because you know I'd at least wonder...

Finally, Pats 31, Colts 20. And I didn't just jinx us, either, so all of you shut up...


Blogger Peter N said...

You's NOT that weird. I have my superstitions (Stevie Wonder?) Sox hats have to be in the EXACT right place, or else, or know! I'd blame the loss on my hat placement. It's the nature of the game, or my brain! Probably the latter! So you are almost normal....kidding. BUT YOU ARE. Enjoy the football....I'm always a big fan of your writing. Peter..and hi to your wonderful family.

12:31 PM  
Blogger MattySox said...

Awesome...I'm just like Peter...

12:59 PM  

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