Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Glad You Weren't There #s 2, 3 &4

Rather than explain my long absence from SBF, I'll simply provide three completely random pictures at which you may marvel. Feel free to submit caption ideas for each in the comments section. I'd offer a prize for the best caption, but as Jere can attest to, I'm not that great at sending out prizes. (JS-They're on the way, I swear- I just have to find 10 that my daughter hasn't chewed on...) Anyway, enjoy...and if someone comes up with something exceptionally funny, I may be able to come up with a prize you'll most likely never receive, at least not in a timely manner...

Photo 1

That's Nomar at Camden Yards, circa '02/'03- I can't remember. The look on the security guard's face is what's funny to me. Also, Nomar already looks miserable. Should've seen it coming, I guess. All I remember about this game is that the beer guy's name was Danny, and he kept sending two beers down the aisle long after my wife stopped drinking because she was driving. So I double fisted the whole game, and when it was over, I looked under my seat and there were like 16 empty Bud bottles. And this was the game I got Manny to Manny-Point at me. And I had to piss so bad driving back to DC, I jumped out at Fado and made Sarah drive around for 20 minutes to find parking. Good times.

Photo 2

The immortal William Gatter, best friend to MattySox, hapless victim of Sarah's annoyance, present drummer of Hoover's G-String, future drummer of The Bitchleys...the one and only. I think this was taken on St. Pat's a few years back, maybe at Biddy Mulligans, maybe not. I'm pretty sure Bill only spent $20, though.

Photo 3

Awesome. The really significant thing about this picture is that I still have my old glasses. Yeah, that's it really...Taken in my brother-in-law Micah's bathroom in Parma, Ohio in...May(be) of 2002 before a Social Distortion show at the Agora. No, I didn't wear the muppet lid at the show. This was the show Sarah had blue hair, like Mommy's Little Monster...Also, you can see the legs of my Skelly tat, which having at a Social D show is almost like wearing the band you're seeing's shirt to their show, but whatever. I can't really take it off.

(As usual, I'm not saying anything about the Red Sox till something actually happens. And I'm just not talking about the Pats. I'm just not is all.)


Anonymous muse said...

Well, in the first one the guard is totally checking out Nomar's bum and is thinking about slapping the cuffs on him and making him his bitch...

8:08 PM  
Blogger Jere said...

Photo 1: Can you sign it to "Big Wave McGee"?

Photo 2: Hand signals you'll need when travelling to the UK, volume one.

Photo 3: I'm whizzin' with the door open, and I love it!

1:24 PM  

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