Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Glad You Weren't There #1

Today, I begin what will most likely become an intermittently appearing, often forgotten, rarely interesting and ultimately space-filling series of photographs called, "Glad You Weren't There." Each installment will feature some random photograph I've taken, usually blurry and frequently not centered, as well as the story behind it. Why am I doing this you ask? Well, because I just figured out how to use our scanner. And because I'm sick of talking about the Red Sox until something ACTUALLY happens...so, without further ado, I bring you

Gummy Irish Flag

This was taken on June 16, 2002, somewhere between Pittsburgh and DC, most likely somewhere on the Pitt side of the Allegheny Tunnel, but that's just a guess. Sarah and I had only been dating a few months, we'd been up to the ol' Butler, PA to see her folks, and we'd gone to Mullaney's Harp and Fiddle in the Strip to watch the Ireland-Spain World Cup quarterfinal on tape delay. Ireland, of course, lost on kicks after getting jobbed by the refs who called a penalty kick on Nial Quinn, which was totally bogus, in the second half. Anyway, my love of Irish football met my love of gummy bears that fateful day, and that, combined with the Guinness I'd drank and the fact that Sarah was driving, allowed me to masterfully craft the only Irish flag in existence crafted entirely of gummy bears of which I am aware. The actual flag measured about 1 1/2"x1", and it was mounted on the June-hot dashboard of Sarah's silver Honda Civic. It stayed stuck there for some period of time before gravity, the tricky science of candy/vinyl adhesion and the fact that they were the only remaining gummy bears in the car intervened and caused their sad demise. But for some time there, the heartbroken soccer fan sons and daughters of Eire would have been damn proud of that little car.


Blogger Peter N said...

Butler, PA...where is that near? I went to college in Lancaster and had a g/f from Dubois...wow, what a big state!

10:53 AM  

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