Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Matty to Earth: Get Over Kenny Rogers Already

I didn't see it cause I was working last night, but apparently Kevin Kennedy on the "Big Hair and More with Jeanne Zelasko" pregame show last night said that cheating is basically apart of baseball and it only matters if you get caught. And lots of people today are up in arms about. This is a head in the sand issue, if an acknowledgement of cheating being a big part of the game surprises anybody that much. It's always been such a wink wink hehe kinda thing in baseball. That's why I don't understand this righteous indignation, this "How dare you befoul the almighty World Series" blah blah blah. It happens all the time. Pitchers alter balls, hitters alter bats, players steal signs, groundskeepers grow the grass long when groundball pitchers pitch or water down the basepaths when a speedy team comes to town. It's all part of the game. It's a well documented part of the sport's history, and I welcome and applaud it. It's not an outrage till someone gets caught, and we all go, "SOSA CORKED HIS BAT!" Big deal. Steroids bother me. Old fashioned cheating, well, no biggie. Call me a hypocrite or whatever you want, but seriously. The guy pitched another seven scoreless innings. It's not like he wiped the secret sauce off his hand and then got shelled. Get over it people...It's baseball. The guy didn't take a whiz on the Constitution or anything.

Baseball's history is chock full of cheating, gambling, drinking and womanizing. And I'm all for that, except maybe the womanizing part (Hi, honey!). Then again, I eat red meat, drink black coffee, actually like Budweiser beer and put a twenty down on a game now and again. Somehow, to me at least, this is a different issue from steroids, and I can't explain how this cheating is different, it just is. BSM said it right over at Jere's place, when he said that the league is so tilted in favor of the hitters. This series reminds everyone of '68, when the mound was raised, and Gibson had a 1.12 ERA, McLain won 30, and Yaz won the batting title at .301. Those days are gone, man. Small parks, maple bats, steroids, weight rooms, tiny strikezones, low mounds; no wonder pitchers are looking for an edge. Imagine how unbalanced the game would be if no pitchers cheated. I'm not saying every guy that throws eight scoreless is scuffing it up, but if it happens once in awhile, who cares? Shit, Gaylord Perry's in the Hall, isn't he, and he didn't throw an honest pitch his whole life. If Kenny Rogers has some gunk on his hand on a Tuesday in May against the Rays, nobody could care less. Just cause there's a brighter light on it doesn't make it a bigger deal. Move on.


Blogger Peter N said...

Matty, I already ceased and desisted on this matter...on my blog, with the addendum from say, oh, 11am. So I do hope this post, great as it was, did not birth from my comments alone. I've gotten over it, as*shole that the guy is anyways. And to tell you the truth, and I ALWAYS do, most of the time...well, part of the time, I forgot what I was going to say. Oh yes..I missed everything pre-game last night, so I missed what KK had to say. Take care....enjoy game 4, another hated (for me) Redbird victory. We'll see. It might rain?

12:24 PM  
Blogger MattySox said...

Not pointed at you specifically, nor at anyone really, just this whole thing has dragged on too long...I usually avoid hot button issues like this cause they bore me initially, then they just annoy to the point of saying worries...

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Muse said...

I agree. You know I am a news junkie, and I am pretty bloody sick of all the sports headlines being about this. He wiped it off and went on to have a good game.

And like you said, cheating is a part of the sport - of all professional sports. It bugs me, but that's how it is. And as for the steroid thing, I think they should all lose their jobs the moment they test positive. Athletes are given too many breaks and too much leeway. If any average citizen did that shit, they'd be in jail.

3:26 PM  
Blogger Peter N said...

Agreed..and this is me after the Wed. rainout. I hope they can get a game in today, for the weather in St. Louis will get worse before it gets better. And the Kenny R. thing? As the Eagles said, "Already Gone."

10:17 AM  

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