Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's That Time of Year Again!

Patriots v. Colts
Brady v. Manning
Winners v. Losers

Get the beer cold, the tv warm, the kid to bed and the jersey on. 8:30 Sunday night can't come soon enough. I'm almost excited to hear that God-awful Pink song, cause it'll mean that Pats-Colts is NEXT...

I love playing the Colts. There is no team in football at this point that I love to beat more than the Colts. My Manning-related feelings are pretty well known to those well known to me or this blog, and it's no secret that I love LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch Peyton get that confused, "Oh crap, I'm about to get my ass kicked and look really stupid on national television!" look that he gets. I hope it starts snowing right on cue, like it always does. I hope he throws five interceptions. I hope The Rookie Stud and ole Clock Killin' pound their helpless run defense and I hope Tom Terrific carves them up like he did to the sorry no-account Vikings last night. Talk about the Mannings all you want, talk about Vick or Delhomme, or anyone else you want to, but Tommy 12 is the best QB in football. He's won more games than anyone else since 2001. That's five years, and a pretty good sample size. Case closed. Brady is 10-0 in domes now. And he was fucking huge last night.

Hey Kim:


Blogger Peter N said...

This should be...NO, strike that...this WILL be fun...TB made a statement Monday night directed to Peyton. And that was? We are ready for you...and we, the audience, becomes richer. And entertained. And maybe voice losing hoarse. I'll take 'em all! I'll talk to you before the festivities. Wow!

11:37 AM  

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