Saturday, September 02, 2006

Georgia Can Go Fuck Itself

Atlanta and Savannah- you suck. The people in your airports suck, and I'm looking at you, Sharon, from Airtran, especially, you hateful, conniving bitch. Everytime we fly with The Kid, we bring her carseat, ask if the flight's sold-out, and if it's not, we ask to be moved to a row where we can put the carseat in an extra seat. It's a lot easier to fly with her when she's strapped in, than trying to hold her on our laps. Never had a problem with this. Till yesterday, when the aforementioned Sharon in Savannah, GA, didn't see the need to accomodate us despite the fact that the flight was barely half full. Maybe because I gave her a hard time about charging us the extra $25 for a suitcase over 50lbs (nobody has ever done that!!!), or because I gave her a hard time for not checking our IDs when we checked in (hello terrorism!!!). Either way, she was screwing us, said she was just following what her supervisor said. So of course, I asked to speak to the supervisor, who told me that per FAA regulations, all occupied seats must be paid for, then told me that it was up to "the agent's discretion" to allow carseats to occupy an empty seat "for free." Apparently it's up to the agent, Sharon, to decide when FAA laws can be broken. Carlos, the supervisor, didn't see the opportunity for discrimination this concept presented. Either way, squeaky wheel got the grease, we got the extra seat, and I never even paid for my beer on the flight from Atlanta to DC. Oh, and then it took an hour to get our bags in DC. If you ever see me on an Airtran flight, or in the state of Georgia, you know I really fucked up. Feel free to ask me how my lobotomy went if you ever see me in those situations.

That said, we had a pretty nice time on vacation...the Kid went nuts with her grandparents and the beach and the pool and the ice cream and had an awesome time. I'm not a beach guy, and man, the weather in South Carolina in the summer is worse than here. And the bugs. Bad stuff. But at least we weren't at work, and I haven't shaved since last Saturday. So small blessings, I guess.

Sort of followed the Sox, but not really, just looking at sportscenter tickers and two USA Today's. Who isn't hurt, by the way? Are we still fielding nine players, or are we doing to corporate slo-pitch thing, and sharing a player with the other team? And the Lester thing is too much to grasp. I wish him the best. Hopefully, the cancer has thrown 110 pitches in 4 2/3's and is ready to be pulled...

So, back into the flow of things. More later after I've digested all your blogs and a week's worth of whatever newsy type stuff. Oh, and one book recommendation. "The Old Ball Game," by Frank DeFord, who is a great writer anyway. It's about John McGraw and Christy Mathewson and the early 20th century New York Giants, and how they "created modern baseball." Interesting stuff, with lots of funny old-timey language and anecdotes. A fun, quick, informative read...


Blogger Julie said...

glad you had fun in GA, other than the plane ride... and i think it's funny that you refer to your daughter as "the Kid"
my prayers are with Lester, and i really hope he's ok. cancer is the last thing he, or any red sox player or fan, needs right now. at least it's treatable, but chemo really really sucks.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Peter N said...

Yes, welcome back to real life and the Red Sox. Sounds like other than the flight you had a great time. You were missed.

9:17 AM  

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