Monday, August 07, 2006

We Play Big Balls

Has anybody registered the site, yet? What is the fucking deal with pitchers who are unwilling to use their off-speed stuff? Beckett has suffered from that all season...measuring his dick by trying to throw heat by everybody. Then yesterday, Papelbon strikes out Norton, goes 0-2 to Navarro on heat...then the split? No, he goes heat again, to a guy who was just missing the fastball, and bang, game tied. The fucking arrogance of these guys, coupled with the fact that their pitching coach was a hoser when he played and nothing more than a rainy-day replacement hack now is killing this team. Nobody on this team besides Schilling knows how to pitch. To paraphrase Crash Davis, the Red Sox are full of million dollar arms and ten cent heads. And it is going to cost us the division. Again. Second place again. Get used to it, sports fans. The die has been cast for the 2006 season. And it feels like shit. I'm sick of looking at ugly stats, like Timlin's four homers allowed in his last 5 2/3 innings, or that Tavarez has 3 of our 5 extra inning losses, or that Papelbon has 4 blown saves in his last 14 chances, after starting out 20-20. Or that we haven't had a basehit from a catcher since May.

This is not the team I thought it'd be. This team is a weird combination of old and brittle and young and dumb. The situation we're in right now with practically zero positional depth and a bloated, ineffective pitching staff is absolutely inexcusable from a front-office perspective. My skepicism of Theo and co. has only been proven even closer to spot-on with the nonsense of the past week. Everybody else suffers from injuries, and some teams (Yankees), have to deal with serious injuries. It's not like we've been without Ortiz and Ramirez, our top two run producers, all year. Losing Tek hurts, from a pitching perspective, but we should be able to cover his meager offensive contributions. We're not, and frankly, never have been, a team that overcomes adversity very well, 2004 playoffs excepted, of course.

So maybe this is the rock-bottom, depressing entry that we'll all look back on and laugh at in October. I know I'm not the only one out there who is seriously worried about this team. I still think there's a very good chance we'll be four or five back by the time we get to the five game series with New York in another week and a half. Here are some simple facts, that to me, and maybe I'm panicking, say that we're not as good as we'd all like to think:

We're 16-2 vs. the National League, 49-43 vs. the American League.
We're only 26-21 vs. the East; the Yankees are 26-16.
We're 3-5 in extra inning games; Yankees 6-2, Toronto 6-0, Minnesota 8-3, Oakland 6-3.

Finally, Schilling/Beckett/Lester; do we like our chances in a short series against Santana/Liriano? Or against Bonderman/Verlander/Robertson/Rogers? I know how I feel; I'd love for someone to convince me I was wrong. I just don't think there's evidence enough to prove that. I'm gonna go try to breathe now...


Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Dave Wallace has returned but it may be too late, as the damage has been done:

I've been questioning that "'86 Arsonist" since Opening Day;

& Nipper has received a few asides on my blog.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

My Latest Piece on an "Arson" Investigation, is up now:

Nipper is my leading "Suspect."

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Muse said...

You go through this "rock bottom" phase every season about this time... I'm willing to bet things turn around again and you'll not be feeling so bad.

3:07 PM  
Blogger Peter N said...

Me too!

12:05 PM  

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