Monday, August 21, 2006

I Am Always Right

Terry Francoma is one of the worst manager's I have ever seen in my entire life. I know lots of you out there will argue this till you're blue in the face, but he is absolutely balls-out shitass team-killing Bubba Gump retarded stupid sucking bad. I have never seen anyone fuck up the last two innings of a game like he did last night. Absolutely horrible. I didn't even stay up for the tenth. I turned it off and read a book. I didn't have to stay up. I knew that Hansen would cough it up, because he should not even be here; he should be in Pawtucket, working on control and building confidence, not continually thrown into overmatched situations that will eventually kill it. But you know, that would require a decent manager and a GM who understands people, not just numbers. 95mph is worthless without knowing how to use it.

Back to Francoma. Going to sad sack Timlin in the 8th was fucking idiotic. I love Camo Mike as much as you, and I don't not appreciate his contributions to our team the last few years, but it's a terrible decision here. Paps hadn't pitched in 4 days, and only threw like 7 pitches against the Tigers for his last save. Francoma said he didn't want Paps to throw 40 pitches. He ended up throwing 42. But if he starts the 8th, I think it would have allowed him to be more aggressive rather than nibbling and trying not to be too fine about everything. Once Timlin shit the bed, go right for Paps. Why the fuck are you bringing in Lopez, our "lefty specialist" (please, he's been up from the minors for a month- specialist huh?) to face Abreu, but then you pull him without pitching to Lefty Giambi? If you're not gonna let him face both lefties, then don't use him at all!!! Just bring in the Kid with only two on. Just hideously handled. Really mangled. Then with two on and no one out, the bunt call. I know lots of you, again, will argue with me about this, but WE DON'T FUCKING BUNT!!! EVER!!! It's not what we do, it's not how we play the game. I hate when managers, who worthlessly do nothing the rest of the game, suddenly feel like they need to prove to a national television audience that they've read the "Official Book" on baseball managing. Who the fuck cares that every schlomo NL team would bunt in that situation. We NEVER do it, so why the fuck should anyone expect we'll do it well? Should Youk be able to lay down a decent bunt in theoretical, fantasy land because he's an MLB player? Abso-fucking-lutely. In real Sunday night Fenway world did anyone smarter than Francoma think it was going to work? Fuck no. Let him swing away. Let him work a walk. Let that Panamanian douche bag work out of bases loaded no out. Don't give up the outs intentionally. I hate that more than anything. You only get 27 outs a game, 23 if you factor in Mirabelli's fucking worthless Single-A at bats, so don't fucking give the outs away. If Youk grounds into a double play there, I'd handle that better than watching him lay down a terrible bunt when the guy only has ONE sac bunt in his whole major or minor league career. Joe fucking Morgan sitting up there saying, "You have to bunt here," and Jon Miller taking his mouth off Morgan's wang long enough to say, "Of course you do." No you don't. I can't say it loud enough. BUNTING SUCKS!!! IT'S NOT 1906 ANYMORE!!! FUCK BUNTING!!!

I haven't been this mad at this team since Millar weakly bounced out to second early in game 2 of the '04 ALCS, when I tore my jersey open and popped all the buttons and threw it in the corner. On a night when Schilling once again became the wheelchair for our parapalegic season, to watch Francona just throw that performance in the toilet, that was worse than watching the blowouts and the overmatched minor league pitchers of the last couple days. Today, as I sit here, the embarrassing thing isn't that we've lost 4 in a row. It's that we're rapidly becoming one of the most ineptly run and managed teams I can see. Considering the resources we have to work with, and yeah yeah yeah blah fucking blah 200 million Yankees bullshit whatever, we have a lot more to work with than all but one, and we are pissing it away. Paralysis by analysis. I'll have the game on at 1, but man, I don't know why.


Blogger Peter N said...

An essay, and a brilliant one. You summed up my feelings so well. Funny, no one else ever has! Take care at 1....I expect the unexpected. And who knows what that would be. B.b.b.oooomer.

9:50 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Come on over & read my latest;

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