Friday, August 25, 2006

Credit in the Sox World

Thank you, Josh. There, I hope anyone who might be lurking about this webtrocity noticed that. I think Josh Beckett pitched well last night. There I said it. A compliment for Josh Beckett. Did everyone notice?

Ok, that said, can Papi get a little help? He's hitting the ball and running the bases so much it's messing up his heartbeat. And for the love of God, Timlin is killing us. I hate to say it, but has Ol' Daddy Time finally caught up with Camo Mike? I'm not sure, but I was amused how the Globe said he came on "and finished the walk" like it was a matter of course, a little something to take care of before throwing the obligatory wild pitch and giving up the oh so predictable RBI single. His percentage of inherited runners to score the last two years is 327%. I looked it up. (And I'm hiding this in a parenthetical notation, hoping no one will notice, but did you see where Francona (!) said, regarding Beckett's cut finger, "I'm glad we sent [Wallace] out there. I don't think [Beckett] would have said anything." After giving up a walk, going 2-0 on the next hitter in a 2-0 game, during the most desparate stretch of the season, when Beckett said to the coaches, "I can't grip my curveball or my fastball," the manager has to worry that his pitcher wouldn't have said anything about it. There. Eighteen people read my blog and saw me call Beckett the dumbest pitcher in MLB. Francona just basically told the same thing to millions of people throughout New England and beyond. Somebody go yell at him.)

Regardless of Beckett's intelligence, how great does it feel to win two in a row? Is this not the greatest two-game winning streak ever? If we can go 6-3 on this trip, who knows? The Central has to play a lot of games against itself. Maybe we can sneak in the old attrition back door whilst they pound each other. Sort of like how we did last year when Cleveland collapsed...see what a little two-game streak'll do? Now I'm just talking crazy talk...

Oh, and does Bob Ryan's column today sound just a little familiar in tone? Hmmm... I seem to recall those "unpopular" sentiments from somewhere...probably just a coinky-dink.


Blogger Peter N said...

I read you before I read Ryan. And the other rags. There, I said it! Keep on keepin' on.

8:09 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

In years past, someone 35 was OLD for Baseball:

Now it's more-common to see guys @ 40 in the game;

Hoyt Wilhelm was 50 when he hung up his spikes, he being a famous knuckleballer.

12:24 PM  
Blogger Jere said...

Look a pitcher in the eye

2:50 PM  

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