Monday, July 24, 2006


This is supported in no way by any sort of factual evidence because, as is the theme of this post, I'm too lazy to do any research, but it seems like the Sox play like crap in Seattle. I'll leave it to Jere to come up with the splits on this, but man, when we go there we just seem to play grungey. Ha ha ha. Seattle is such a cool town, but it's super laid-back and who knows, maybe that rubs off on the players when they go there. And one of the great ironies I've ever discovered is that for all the coffee they drink out there (and that's not a rumor or a joke, coffee is religion in Seattle), those people are wicked polite, and they drive slow, and no one seems in a hurry. Weird. Putz pitched like one, and them Timlin out-putzed him with a meatball to not so Sex(y)on. Lousy.

Not that I saw any more of it than just highlights, as we spent the 5 and 6 o'clock hours at my company picnic. Or as we call it, "The Owner vs. the Park Police, Vol. 3." We keep having our picnic at the same Virginia park, which is, of course, supposed to be alcohol-free. Four restaurants worth of employees on their day off in an alcohol-free space. Not gonna work, right? Last year, one of the owners nearly got arrested by the park Police for "allowing your staff to drink." Every year we tell everyone "no booze" and every year the staff gets more creative. I just brought my Red Sox coozie to slip over my icey cold Budweiser. Hey baseball fans, grab an ice cold Budweiser. It's game time. All in all, a good time was had. The Kid has finally conquered her fear of swings and slides, which makes any park more fun that it used to be. Except getting her out of the swing. Like getting her out of the pool, it is guaranteed to make her scream. And My Wife got two hot dogs, which made her happy. She likes hot dogs only at cook-outs and ball games. It's the only reason she'll even go to a baseball game, I think. Then we went to the Dairy Queen. Sundays rock.

With the Sox on the Less Coast, I may be able to catch some ball after work. We'll see. I feel like I'm on a streak where I've barely seem them at all. And somehow I'm okay with that, sort of. Some times it's just easier to read the box score and see the high(low)lights. Less stressful that way, but also less fun.

Alright, I just did some half assed research and since the start of the 2000 season, the Sox are 12-17 in Seattle. Best as I can tell, we haven't won a series there since 2000. So there. Grungey, indeed.


Blogger Peter N said...

I was able to only listen to last night's (Mon.) game, and it was so great, after twitching in the 7th and 8th, for Paps' 9th inning, 2 minute rear back and throw inning.....may he get a save tonight, for Schil.

9:54 AM  

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