Monday, July 31, 2006

Rehab is (apparently) for Losers

Guess tonight was that extra rehab start nobody thought Wells needed? Dickheads, one and all, Theo, Tito, Fat Fuck Wells...

And to all of you who were so anxiously awaiting Not-So-Wells' return, do me a favor and don't act tomorrow like you knew it was a bad idea, his coming back. Don't pretend you called this one, like I did. You know who you are...I hope you're happy...

As for the Abreu thing, it's terrible for the Sox. Here's a really talented guy, who for better or worse, shut it off because he is a surly, selfish prick on a losing team. Don't think he's not gonna go off offensively w/ the Yunks. I'm picturing a Corey Dillon type situation here. Not comparing the Yunks to the Pats, just saying changes of scenery work wonders for someone that talented. And I think we'd all agree we'd rather have Lidle than Wells right now.

As for us not doing anything, well, I think most of you know how I feel about Theo by now...

I hope someone steps up in the next couple innings and takes Fat Fuck off the hook. We need wins. I don't like being tied for first.


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