Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Good, The Messy and The Joe Morgan

Wish I could've seen that game yesterday...I think I've missed all 4 of Papi's walk off hits this year...must be's getting damn near impossible to come up with new and creative ways to describe what he means to the Sox, or to describe his amazing sense of drama, clutchness, etc. He's just freaking amazing...never seen anyone like him in my lifetime.

At least tonight's game is on The Uno...except for the Joe Morgan factor...I might try seeing if MLB radio's feed is in sync with the TV and then I can listen to Joe C. and Trupi. My Wife already knows where I'll be tonight. Like I said the other day, I feel like I've missed half the season, then I realize I basically have. Tough to be a die hard follower with job, kid(s) and wife.

Sometimes I think you single folks have it made. But you miss out on what I get to see every day, like My Daughter picking sprinkles off a doughnut one by one and then getting mad when they stick to her hand. Right now her face is covered in chocolate frosting, and mac 'n cheese. Disgusting, but so cute. (Just sounded like Amy from Red Sox Batgirl there for a

We're on our way to the pool...have a great Sunday everybody and enjoy the game tonight...I'll be online during it I'm sure, so drop me a line and we can talk shit about Joe "I know everything because I played the game the right way and I have no respect for anybody that wasn't on the '75 Reds" Morgan.


Blogger Michael Leggett said...

& Curt Schilling "Pitched" like Tom Glavine, yesterday:


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