Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The Aflac triv q tonight on the A's telecast is something like this: Curt Schilling last pitched in Oakland in 1990; only one other player besides Curt that was on either team's roster for that game is still playing. Who is it?

It's Steve Finley. Thanks to Retrosheet (god bless it)...the game was Tuesday, Aug. 9, 1990, the O's v. the A's; the A's won 5-2 and Schill pitched 1.1 innings of relief, no hits/no runs, one walk, 3 k's. Finley played right field. Once again proving why Retrosheet is invaluable. 5-1 Sox, and Lowell has double number 35, tying him for first in the league. Everybody I mention is coming up big tonight...


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