Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Where I'm Coming From, Pt. 2

(Also from my old Myspace page last fall- reposting these cuz I liked them.)
For those of you who thought I was too bitter about the Murphys show the other night, I say, "Behold the ever mighty Pennywise!" Go see them in a town near you...Lost City Angels from Boston Fucking Massachussetts started things off, and even though Sarah said the lead singer looked like George McFly, they kicked ass for a solid half hour... I was supposed to see them with the Suicide Machines when we were in Seattle, but I was too tired and I stayed in while Sarah went out w/ the crazy punkymom crew...glad we saw them tonight.Sick of it All never sounded so good, and they played a great set of old and newer stuff including a balls-out "Scratch the Surface" that had the karate kids in the pit going apeshit. And once again, they proved they're the only band that should do the braveheart thing...the kids set it off...Finally, Pennywise reminded me why I've been a fan for almost 15 years...great set list, including "My Own Way," "Alien," "My Own Country," "Every Single Day"(which they played warp 9 fast) and of course closed with a beautiful "Bro Hymn" that had me and Trey bouncing our asses thank you, Pennywise, for taking the Murphys bad taste out of my mouth. High quality evening of mayhem, even if we did spend most of it in the balcony with a cup of least I got a cool shout out from Fletcher for going off on the balcony...SOIA and Pennywise have been going a long f-ing time and they've never done anything to alienate their fans. They consistently put out great albums that extend and diversify their sound w/o compromising its quality or fierce independence. I know a lot of people say Pennywise is just a Bad Religion/Adolescents rip off, and there is definitely an element of that in their sound, but their simple, heartfelt sentiments, pride, anger, unity and defiance sound fresh with every new song they put out. They are a band who really cares about their fans, and they feed off that as much as the crowd feeds off them. You feel really involved at a Pennywise show, like your reaction is half the reason why they are playing so hard. They're playing with you, not to you. Lots of bands sing about unity- Pennywise relies on it at every show. Good job, Pennywise.


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