Saturday, June 10, 2006

Really. Huh. Are you sure?

Caller: It seems like we get a lot more rain in Boston than we used to. Why can't we build a dome for the Sox?

Host: What?

Caller: A dome, so we can play when it rains.

Host: (skeptical) do you build it, where you gonna put it?

Caller: Where Fenway is now.

Host: (finger is probably on the hangup button already) Ok...where the Sox play while it's being built?

Caller: At Fenway.

Host: (intrigued by caller's stupidity) Ok...but don't you have to knock down Fenway to build a dome?

Caller: (getting agitated at not being understood) NO! You just build a dome, a covering right over Fenway! (Duh!!!)

Host: Are you an engineer? Have you ever heard of engineering? I would have to say that the chances of that happening are pretty slim, pretty impossible I'd say. You know, financially and well, just in terms of engineering.

Caller: (deflated really quickly, btw) Really. Huh. Are you sure?

Host: Thanks for your call, though.



Anonymous Muse said...

Priceless. I just love how little common sense people have. *rolls eyes*

6:54 PM  

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