Monday, June 05, 2006

Ow! Don't quit it...

Well, this is unfortunate...

At what point are the Sox going to decide to take control of the East? That is the question for the week. The Stanks are in big trouble; or at least they should be, if we knew how NOT to take our foot off their neck. So many injuries, such lousy pitching, such awful karma...there is no reason that we shouldn't be 5 in front. It was 91 degrees here last Thursday. That sort of weather tells me it's time to start making a move...

Oh, and thanks ESPN and your family of networks for this cute little coincidence of scheduling:

Monday ESPN: Sox v. Yanks ME: work
Tuesday ESPN: some crap ME: no work
Wednesday ESPN: Sox v. Yanks ME: work
Thursday ESPN: Sox v. Yanks ME: work

So in the words of Cam Neely, or maybe Wayne Campbell, "Thanks a pantload, Chet/ESPN...really, thanks a lot*..."

*Am I the only one that remembers that Cam Neely commercial? Long live number 8...


Anonymous D-Lee said...

I remember the Cam Neely commercial... "Why don't you kick my dog while your at it" I have been looking for a video clip of it for some time!!!!

8:51 AM  
Anonymous D- Lee said...

By the way... I like your taste in commercials but the Yankos will never go away and they will end up winning the East as usual!!!!! Sorry for your luck!!!

8:53 AM  

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