Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Naps and dinner and doom and gloom...

I should be taking a nap. The Kid is napping, I should be, too. It would certainly be more productive than rehashing and rereading all the Globe articles, and everyone's sad little blogs this morning. But, I'm sure like everyone else, I am completely powerless against the abusive father that is the Globe sports section on days such as these. Daddy Globe (isn't that what the CHB calls it?) is unkind today, telling its tall tales of misery and spitting out get-the-women-and-children-inside-numbers such as "1 1/3." So I started looking at prices for Spamalot tix. And for old colored 7" Bosstones singles on ebay...afterall, Father's Day is coming, and "The Impression That I Get" on green vinyl would look pretty sweet next to the others in their red and plaid glory.

Digressing even further, I've been searching epicurious for dinner recipes. So hard to cook for The Wife these days, as our second impending miracle is making itself known through repetitive burping and culinary indecisiveness. Is it impractical (or irresponsible) to spend 2-3 hours simmering an authentic Bolognese sauce whilst the young'n scampers under foot? I guess there's only one way to find out.

All of which means a trip to Whole Foods, which features the ancillary benefit of passing Caribou Coffe, which features the ancillary benefit of finally waking my tired ass up after passing the time last night post work at the Channel. And The Kid begins to stir. Should've taken that nap.


Anonymous Muse said...

More hints I see...

Good think I read this since you didn't bother to mention it otherwise :)

10:01 PM  

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