Saturday, June 10, 2006

Looks Like Somebody Has a Case of the Saturdays...

At work. Blah. We don't open for dinner till 5:30 on Saturdays; I'm here to do paperwork and confirm reservations. Which I hate. I get sick of leaving messages. Everytime you see someone they're on their cell phone. But nobody ever answers the phone anymore. Who are all these people talking to? I think half the people are leaving messages, while everyone else screens their calls. Weird. That I'm giving that that much thought, I mean.

It's raining in Boston, 350 miles north, and I don't think Lester's coming around. Apologies to Counting Crows fans for that bastardization of a real bastard band. Have mlb radio on in the office, set to EEI, listening to all those knuckleheads that call sportstalk stations. Amazing how Chah-lee from Dot can come up with 13 scheduling permutations to solve all our weather related baseball needs in the time it just took me to type this sentence. It's EEI that shouldn't answer the phone. These people are killing me. Although I do miss hearing the accent on a regular basis, so that is making me feel kinda happy. Johnny from Chelmsford is talking about his first kidding, this is rich. If I had the time, I'd do a call-by-call synopsis of this would be a one way blog ticket to a metaphysical, sportstalk radio induced phrenological-type lobotomy.

Looks like the weather is nicey-nice in NYC...enjoy your Saturday and all. Maybe the ole ball game will start just as the restaurant is opening so I can't pay a bit of attention to it. Just the way the television likes it...always with a kick to the gear.


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