Saturday, June 10, 2006

Is that why you called?

Caller: Is the rain gonna stop anytime soon? Are they gonna play any of these games today?

Host: That's a good question, and let's all assume that if I had those answers, I'd have mentioned that by now, right?

Caller: So nothing's been officially cancelled yet?

Host: No...not that really why you called, to get that official word from me about the games?

Caller: (sheepishly) No...I just really love the Sox and the rain is pissing me off, oh, sorry, ticking me off because I really didn't have much to do today besides watch the games. So this kind of sucks.

Host: (putting gun to head) Do you have kids? Play with a book...go to a movie...X-Men's supposed to be pretty good...thanks for the call.



Blogger Peter N said...

Yanks lose yet again. How nice is that!

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Muse said...

I can only imageine the retorts if you or I were hosting that show...

6:56 PM  

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