Thursday, June 08, 2006

I'm Quitting my Job

I can't believe this is the game I get to see none Wife has been calling about every 5 minutes with updates, as my illustrious bar staff has elected to click away from the Ocho over to the NBA Finals, you know, because of the well-known Rules of One Television that state that a championship game of any sort always trumps a non-championship game. Which is how we ended up with the National Spelling Bee (telecasted live!!! What a great country) on the tv one afternoon last week instead of the Espn day game that was on. There was a major debate about it, but Rules are Rules. And besides, it's good for us to see who the future got-beat-ups and serial killers of America are. "Can you use 'psycho-sadistic necrophilia' in a sentence please?" It's all a bunch of 12-year-old rainmen taking time out of their busy schedules clearing out space in the freezer for human organs long enough to tout the "advantages" of home schooling before a live, national television audience. Prodigies scare me.

Oh yeah, 9-3 last I heard. More later after I see a box and a recap. But The Wife said A-Dick was getting his pants booed off by the Yunks fans. Which must have made Jeter feel like someone was stealing all his good foreplay ideas. Poor guy.


Blogger Jere said...

It was a mega-boo, because enough Dunbar fans had left so that you could hear the Sox fans saying "Youk," (A-Rod popped out to him), but the ones that did stay booed. So it was one big boo. Or oooooo, I should say.

And a few bonus boos for a rod as he struck out on three pitches against Papelbon to end the game!

9:28 PM  
Blogger Peter N said...

Mass exodus from that building they call Yankee Stadium. And hey, if I'm ever in D.C., I'd love to have a bite at your place. If it's any way near as great as your blog, I'm there! Have a great weekend, and the rain might be moving East of Boston, rather than right over it. We can only hope. I'd love to have a Lester sighting for game #1.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Peter N said...

Game #2 would be more #1 of the twofer, game 2 of the series.

11:36 AM  

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