Wednesday, June 14, 2006

From Disappointment to Billy Bragg

Oh Julian. You did it again. You're the anti-Ortiz. Everytime he comes up, in our hearts, we're convinced he's going to get a hit when we need it most. And you, well, let's just say that on the one-to-Renteria scale of bad pick ups, you're Scott Sauerbeck. Not good, my Freddy friend, not good. Last night you found a lost invitation to the art gallery and you shit all over the Monets.

Enough about that, because it's depressing to see such a taut, wonderful baseball game ruined. And as I'm finding out, even more depressing to write about it. At least we're not the Ukrainian soccer team. Apparently their starting lineup is Shevchenko(+10 Tavarezes) (Sorry, addidas).

So glad that the Punky Chips Ahoy thing is finally starting to permeate pop culture. My Wife and I have had that little ditty stuck in our heads forever. Such a cheap marketing ploy, though, just because Oi! rhymes with Ahoy. Like Roger Miret or Duane Peters is gonna switch from Soft Batch to Chips Ahoy just because some claymation poser sings a little song. How punk could those guys be, anyway? They were accosted and corrected by a monkey with a British accent (which in and of itself is kind of amusing). Maybe "punky" IS street slang for "chunky"; that monkey/Bobby doesn't know. He's going all Grandpa Simpson like, "I don't like the looks of those teenagers!" And they're just trying to rampage through town singing, channeling the spirit of that old-time cookie loving idealist of days gone by, Billy Bragg, because you know what? There is power in the cookie...


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