Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Three things struck me tonight:

1. Considering our payroll, how in the hell can we keep giving up outs w/ Alex Cora/Alex Gonzalez, and how in the hell is our pitching staff in the predicament its in? Coming out of spring training we had 6 starters and a half-decent pen. Now? Schilling, Beckett (deplorable the last two starts), Clement is retarded, Wake is up and down, and Wells is fatter and more a former Yankee rather than a current Red Sock every day. God bless Dave Pauley- that kid pitched his ass off. Oh, and Bronson Arroyo is a Cy Young contender. In the National League. Seanez, Tavarez, now Foulke's banged up and who wants to take the Riske? TJ, Theo. You were never the wiz kid to me, and this bullpen is looking more and more like 2003 every day.

2. Bobby Mercer is retarded. Like seriously helmet wearing, rubber sheet wetting, short bus riding, Wal-Mart working retarded. Painful. I'd pay $500 for MLB.tv just to get my choice of announcers.

3. We are a mediocre team. I said the other day, it was time to make a move. We've been killing the O's and the Rays, and so-so against everyone else. The Yanks are as banged up as they're gonna be, and we're losing ground. Oh, Schill, please deliver us from Evil. Because if we don't win tomorrow, 3.5 is looking like a number we're gonna see in Friday morning's paper.

Sorry to be so down, but this game hurt. And for the sake of fairness, nice catch, Melky. You made me curse in front of my daughter, but nice catch. Now go drown in the Hudson.


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